First Uyelele Solar Bottle Installation

On the 16th of August the first solar bottle was installed at the house of Ileni’s farm worker in one of the informal settlements of Windhoek.

Have a look at the picture gallery for details of the installation.

Be a fisherman’s friend

European fishing laws favour the most powerful parts of the fishing industry which have the worst environmental impact. They also shut out those fishermen who use the most sustainable fishing methods. It’s time to stand by our friends and change these laws.

An overhaul of European fishing laws only happens once every decade, and this year our fisheries minister, Richard Benyon, has the power to change them for the better. It’s time he heard from people like you and put the health of our seas first. You can make him do the right thing.

Help sustainable fishermen get a fair catch. Be a fisherman’s friend on Facebook and send this very special sea shanty petition to the fisheries minister now.

Be a Fisherman's friend

Be a fisherman’s friend.

What does Natural mean?

As a guideline when we speak of natural foods, because it can be confusing sometimes.

Natural foods don’t contain:

  1. artificial colours or flavours
  2. artificial preservatives
  3. irradiated products/ingredients

They are grown WITHOUT toxic and persistent pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilisers.