Events / Actions

Take the action to the peopleIf you want to reach people and make a change you got to go out there and do some action.

YOUTHink Green took this advice to heart from the very beginning:

On the 10th of March 2012 we took it to the local supermarket. Our unpack action at SuperSpar created awareness amongst fellow consumers about unnecessary packaging .

Students from YOUTHinkGreen collect rubbish at ZooParkOn June 16 we went to clean-up Zoo Park.
About thirty students from YOUTHink Green Namibia spent their Saturday afternoon picking up rubbish and separating it into waste and recyclables. After two hours of happy chanting and hard work the job was done.

“Spent my birthday with the most awesome group:) Ahhh, loved making so much noise just for the planet…. Thanx guys ♥!” (Petelina Frans)

Campaign "GreenThread"Since the sustainability conference in Rio in June 2012 YOUTHink Green Namibia participates in the worldwide “Green Thread Campaign”. Decision makers in politics, society and economy receive simple woolen armbands to remind them of never losing the green thread during decision making. The Major of Windhoek, the Minister of Environment and Tourism, amongst others, have yet received such a green thread.

Namibia Climate Change Knowledge FairIn August 2012 YOUTHinkGreen Namibia took part in the first Namibia Climate Change Knowledge Fair at the Habitat Research & Development Centre (HRDC) in Katutura.