Clean-Up at Zoo Park

Alexander Brock is happy to helpOn June 16 we went to Windhoek’s inner city Zoo Park to collect rubbish lying on the ground.
About thirty students About thirty students from YOUTHinkGreen clean up Zoo Parkfrom YOUTHink Green Namibia spent their Saturday afternoon picking up rubbish and separating it into waste and recyclables. After two hours of happy chanting and hard work the job was done.

Four bin bags full of waste and recyclables were collected.

“Spent my birthday with the most awesome group:) Ahhh loved making so much noise just for the planet…. Thanx guys ♥” (Petelina Frans)

To see more pictures of the action, please click here.

Abassier LeukesIt was deeply moving when Abassier, who couldn’t make it to the clean-up on time, later posted on Facebook:

“Guys Im sorry for not beeing back in time to help out at the Park, so to compensate, with the help of my sister and dad, I went and raked up a load of garbage down the road in Church Street. We made piles of the garbage and it was so bad that the bags we brought to pick it up in weren’t nearly enough for even half of it… I will try and arrange with a friend to have the litter cleared up by Tuesday latest. Once again I’m sorry for not being able to support my group members….”

To see pictures of the dirty corner that Abassier cleaned with his family, click here.