Repair Estimate

The damage of the windmill is substantial.

The costs are as follows:

New 6 meter tower: between N$ 8 000 und N$ 12 000.-
This is a windmill tower made by ‘Climax’ for a no. 8 – 10 head.

The pipe with connecting rods, which is connected to the borehole, has to be replaced: N$ 6060.-
This includes:
15 tubes of pipe @ 3 meter, N$ 260.- per piece
15 pieces connecting rods @ 3 Meter, N$ 144.- per piece

Cost of hiring a mechanic: N$ 7 000.-

The windmill is located north of Brandberg. Distance from Windhoek via Uis: 350 km
Kilometer allowance for mechanic with crew and Gert Keding: N$ 10 500.-

Hours of work: 1 week

Miscellaneous costs for food, cement etc.: about N$ 4 000.-

Overall costs: N$ 39 600.-

If you’ve got suitable spare parts on your farm which you are willing to donate for the project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.