Green Your Life- The coolest method of contributing to the removal of pollution ever.

Green Your LifeA new liquid laundry additive called ‘CatClo’ which, after only one wash, will allow your clothes to start purifying the air of pollution as you wander around Maerua Mall, Wernhill, in your garden or wherever you desire.

Items of clothing need only be washed once in ‘CatClo’ before they can start depolluting the air around them. The nanoparticles of titanium dioxide grip on to fabrics very tightly, and when these particles come into contact with nitrogen oxides in the air, they react and oxidise them in the fabric.

By wearing clothing treated with ‘CatClo’ everyone of us would be capable of removing approximately 5 grams of nitrogen oxides from the air. Yes, I know that might not sound like a lot, but it adds up to roughly the equivalent of the amount of nitrogen oxides produced by the average family car in a day.

It’s a unique and fascinating idea. Created by the partnership of artist Helen Story and scientist Tony Ryan, the idea behind this innovative concept is to create a movement that will allow everyday folks like you and me to make a positive difference for our environment by helping to create cleaner air.

Namibians here’s hoping this product makes it to market soon- would be a big step forward. Then no lame excuses for not being able to make a change. This one would be for everyone.


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