Mother Nature’s Gift: Soap Nuts

Soap nuts are the berries of the Sapindus Mukorossi (soap nut tree) that grow in the  region of the Himalayan Mountains of India and Nepal. Their pulp and outer shell contain natural saponin, which is also a 100% natural surfactant. This saponin is a healthy, safe, and free-of-synthetic-chemicals substance that is a great green alternative to commonly used commercial detergents and cleaners like handy andy, sunlight, you name it.100% biodegradable and compostable

The whole process of their “production” is sustainable and earth-friendly. The fruits are harvested between September and February, then dried in a natural way using just the sun. No additional chemicals or fossil fuels are used to produce them.
They remain harmless to the water system and the environment in general.

On top of that Soap Nuts are:

* 100% biodegradable

* Work on all fabrics, even silk and wool

* Hypoallergenic – can even be used on baby clothes or those with sensitive skin / skin conditions (no need for mommies to worry)

* Brightens colours and does not fade

* Natural fabric softener- forget Sta-Soft, Comfort & co.

* Versatile: Exist as natural pet shampoo, windows and general household cleaner, natural pesticide/mosquito repellent and even toothpaste

* Cost Economical

Sounds great doesn’t it? Unfortunately no supplier in Namibia- who would have guessed and there aren’t many suppliers of soap nuts in South Africa, but I discovered one site that sells them, reasonably inexpensively. Visit ‘nature soap.’ On their site you can find out more as well as order them for R85 per 500g. Not sure how we’ll get them to Namibia but maybe they have got an idea.

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