Ngambui Riruako – English Slam Poetry

Ngambui Riruako

Ngambui Riruako

Read what Ngambui Riruako created in her English class with Mrs. Hedtrich.
This gifted young lady put into words what is very hard to grasp for the average person.

My Fellow students, if you could spare me a few minutes of your life, I promise I will try my best not to waste any of your time.

I want to bring up a very important topic, a big problem that we have in our world that has become so deadly so toxic

A problem born into this atmosphere, taking lives and breeding fear.
I’m not going to tell you about something you don’t already know because I know you properly already thought about it in the back of your mind or felt it deep within your soul.

This problem that I am taking about is the cause of all wars, root of poverty and is killing this earth.
My fellow students I am not talking about a deadly disease or one person’s greed.

I am talking about us, the people, we the human race we are the problem.
Allow me to take you back to the time we rose to the top of the food chain.
Breaking the laws of nature, stopping our course of adaptation and natural selection and instead forced our environment to change and adapt for us to aid to our own personal needs.

Turning our fields of grass and greenery into busy dirty streets, a jungle made out of concrete.
Not giving a thought or a care of what we destroyed and killed along the way. With the motto do now and deal with the consequences later.

Tik tok knock knock loud bang – times up! And later is impatiently standing at your front door.
Yet, we still haven’t solved yesterdays problems, we’re ignoring todays but yet still promising to fix tomorrows problems?! Have we really gone that insane?

My tummy turns, I’m feeling nauseous, I’m feeling scared because all I see is humans but can’t seem to find humanity anywhere.

My tummy aches, turns in disgust, my mind not believing the scum that we have become.

For though we preach and seek peace, we use guns and spill blood. I am young and so might be naïve. So can somebody explain to me how one fights for peace? For love? For Harmony?

We stand against corruption and poverty. But wasn’t it just week that you through that loaf of bread into the rubbish bin?

GOD how we only contradict ourselves!
Drowning in confusion, only now realizing the world we are living in is a mare illusion built on lies and slowly decaying in all this pollution.
In panic and fear we look for the culprit, the ones to blame. But forgetting to start with the man or women staring back at you in that mirror.
But in all this darkness there is still some light. For there are those who see the truth , those you have seen through the lies.

Those who do not point fingers but instead use the choices of using their voices. Speaking and standing up. To be heard loud and not be muted. Refusing to let their thoughts and minds be polluted.

I say let the younger generation rise up and start a revolution and stop using parting as a damn solution. I see these people and I see hope for humanity. Not just a lost cause or another tragedy. And I hope this curse shall be lifted, that this world not end in pieces but instead finds a solution to the problem that is us. The virus we have become the sickness to this earth.

I want to thank you for your attention and as I have mentioned before I hope I haven’t wasted any of your time. I just wanted to bring up this very important topic. Hoping that after this you would finally take notice of it.”

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