One Planet- Think Outside The Kitchen

The Organic and Natural Experience

We tend to think of food when we hear the words “natural” or “organic“, but there are more products that can help reduce our chemical impact on the planet. The solution is avoid and try using:

*Natural Cleaners – all natural dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, and detergent work just as well as their toxic cleaner counterparts but without harm to you or the planet.

*Pet Products – Buy high-quality natural pet food made from pure protein sources raised without growth hormones or antibiotics, and that does not contain any animal by-products or rendered meat or chicken meals.

*Clothing and Fabric – Organic & Natural fibers, such as organic cotton and wool, are available many places these days. -Difficult in Namibia, but not impossible.

*Shampoo and Skin Care Products – The demand for Organic & Natural shampoos and skin care products has encouraged the development of many different varieties and brands. – try the Body Shop

*Personal Care Items – Using Organic & Natural cotton balls, feminie hygiene products, diapers, and toothpaste can make a huge difference in our impact on the planet.

*Paper Products – there are many companies that offer office paper, tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels made with post consumer recyled materials. Switching to recycled paper products is a small step that can create a huge impact. Try to avoid white paper, it’s bleached and has a negative impact as well. Rather go for brown.

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